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Chanticleer Community Theater offers opportunities for elementary, middle and high school students interested in learning about the craft of acting. The acting workshop will touch on the many elements of performance including stage presence, speaking skills, imagination, warming up the body and mind, memorization, rehearsal etiquette and how to audition.

Our Children’s Theater offers an inclusive environment for children of all backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles where they can study many aspects of theater arts, develop valuable life skills, and produce quality plays. Our students learn all the facets of a stage production, including writing, acting, set design, and behind-the-scenes work. Children’s Theater is an informal, classroom-based structure promoting self-expression, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. All students enrolled in our classes are eligible to audition in plays that are put on for live audiences, but those who are stage shy have plenty of other ways to contribute and participate. We are a nonprofit, 501c3 organization which is proud to serve the community of Council Bluffs and beyond.



Theater @ Home

Monday, Mar 15 | 7:00 pm

Join us for an immersive theatrical adventure for Chanticleer Children’s Theater Series - Act 1: Theater @ Home! Our talented instructors guide each online series lesson, helping family’s step into their own imaginative world and share together the magic of the theater from the comfort and safety of their own homes!

These three-part online classes are perfect for performance art enthusiasts! Each 'Act' teaches the basics of theater, singing, and choreography, followed by two Q&A video sessions with the instructors. Hone your skills and learn something new with the amazing people from Chanticleer Community Theater.


  • Act 1: February 15
  • Act 2: March 15
  • Act 3: April 15

Q&A Schedule

  • March 27: 10AM-11AM
  • April 24: 10AM-11AM

The $30.00 online registration covers all three classes and is available for purchase at any time. A link from ShowTix4U with your registration code will be sent to you. Watch at your convenience, following the February 15th premiere at 7:00 pm! New class installments will be released every month!


Upcoming Performances

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Chanticleer Community Theater

Council Bluffs, IA

Saturday, Apr. 24  |  10:00 AM Chanticleer Children's Theater - Theater@ Home
Hoff Family Arts & Culture Center (HFACC)
Friday, May. 14  |  7:30 PM Chanticleer Children's Theater - Whine, Women and Song
Hoff Family Arts & Culture Center (HFACC)
Saturday, May. 15  |  7:30 PM Chanticleer Children's Theater - Whine, Women and Song