December 07-10 & 14-17, 2023

Music & Lyrics by Benj Pasek, & Justin Paul Book by Joseph Robinette
Sponsored by Sherryl G. Bills-Taylor


Nine-year-old Ralphie Parker wants one thing for Christmas, and one thing only: An Official Red Ryder Range Model Carbine Action BB Gun. There’s only one problem: everyone else is convinced he’ll shoot his eye out! Undeterred, he begins his saga of convincing all the necessary players, from his sweet but protective Mother, to his straightlaced teacher, Miss Shields, all the way to Santa Claus himself, that he needs that gun for the protection of his loved ones, and maybe even a little cowboy glory to call his own. Filled with quirky and lovable characters, this zany, heartfelt, and nostalgic musical is as delightful as the biggest, shiniest present under the tree on Christmas morning.


Michele Lambing Adkins - Ensemble
Yatzil Alvarez - Children's Ensemble
Sally Applegate - Mary Beth
Eleanor Bills - Schwartz
Kelly Buyske - Flick's Mom/Ensemble
Miriam Buyske - Children's Ensemble
Teddy Buyske - Flick
Shawn Cannon - Santa/Ensemble
Tim Daugherty - Jean Shepherd 
Mary Dickson - Miss Shields 
Kipton Donner - Children's Ensemble 
Sarah Ebke - Mother
Ivy Farrell - Ralphie
Daxx Freeman - Randy 
Rachel Holmes - Ensemble
Brenda Honliasso - Mrs. Schwartz/Ensemble
Rider Mattheis - Ensemble
Dean Matuszewski - Ensemble
Lilly Ozzello - Ensemble
Dottie Ring - Children's Ensemble
Shelly Rutz-Mendicino - Ensemble
Hattie Sheffield - Esther Jane
Jon Turnbeaugh - Ensemble
James Verderamo - The Old Man
Adeline Walker-Beam - Children's Ensemble 
Riley Walter - Grover Dill
Zane Walter - Scut Farkus


Director - Lara Marsh
Music Director - Chris Ebke
Choreographer - Michelle Garrity
Stage Manager - Andi Haney
Set Design - Holden Buchert
Costume Design - Dwayne Ibsen
Lighting Design - Jacy Rook
Sound Design - Lex Noxvul
Prop Design - Rebecca Krause