Patty Talbert

Patty Talbert’s artistic talent is a product of her heritage. “I'm a very proud African American female artist. My work is inspired and stimulated by and through my heritage,” she said. She is drawn to techniques used in batik, where beautiful colors and bold designs are repeated in vibrant patterns. “The ebb and flow of this art form come through me innately. My hope is that the viewer can feel the energy, movement and harmony.”

Talbert’s most recent work, which she refers to as her North Omaha Positive Affirmation series, is an ongoing project that was inspired by her love for the community in which she was born and raised. The positive words of affirmation and love in her art can be seen in North Omaha nailed to trees and utility poles. “My goal with this project is to touch people’s lives in positive ways. You could describe it as subliminal love words that are seen by an unlimited number of viewers who are also strangers. This is very appealing to me,” she said.

Talbert most recently produced an exhibit called "I like your face." This work is featured at the Harvester Artist Lofts, where she lives and works, and the Love's Jazz and Art Center. “I used 130 words of love and affirmation in a more intimate setting, creating a safe and inspiring space of love and nurturing,” Talbert explained.

To view Patty’s positive, inspirational work, visit or email to make an appointment.